Poodle standard black – pencil drawing

Graphite pencils drawing of standard poodle. Beautiful dog, really like this clip (Scandinavian). Size A4… despite it’s not big, there is so much work to do! Work in progress

Pencil sketch of a borzoi

Sketch of russian wolfhound, it’s almost miniature – 15x21cm. Some years ago I used to draw often sizes like this, now I prefer bigger, so it is like return to the past;)

Miniature schnauzer

This is a schnauzer portrait which I made lately. Mixed technique – black oil (with dry brush) and pencils. So far, I have not mixed this techniques, but I’ve found it to be a good way to achieve really deep blacks (in this case) that won’t smudge and shine. Overall Read more…

Boxer Bysio

Last week I drew this portrait of Bysio, the boxer. Soon it will be available to buy. So remember to check my blog more often! :) Or, the best what you can do, is to subscribe RSS  feed! As I wrote last time, all income will go to SOS Boxer Read more…