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100% Free licence
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Drawings, paintings and photographs marked by Licencja Creative Commons are licenced under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence.

Shortly, you may use it
  • in non-commercial projects (for example as illustration on your private website, blog, forum),
  • as-is (excluding modifications and derivative works). Please do not copy a direct link to image (hotlink), but save jpg file on your computer then upload to your own website or image hosting.
  • one and only term is that you must provide following link. Please copy entire HTML code(or BBCODE) and paste it just under the image or in website's footer. It will not disturb your website layout.
    "Painting by Tobiasz Stefaniak Pet Portraits"
    Here is code to copy:



Keep in mind that violating this terms is illegal and will be sued.

If you want to use it commercialy, visit Commercial licences page.
To get a free licence, just write address of website, where you will use the image."

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