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Available licenses

Free, non-commercial license

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Commercial licenses

All artworks available under commercial license are listed here.

Standard license

Possible uses:
  • editorial - journalistic or educational purposes, electronic and printed (up to 50,000 print runs, up to 1/4 page, excluding cover)
  • commercial and personal websites (size up to 1000x1000pixels)
    • allowed use: as background, article illustration or homepage header
    • prohibited use: as logo (logotype) or part of logo (logotype), advertisment banners, newsletters, templates
  • computer software and mobile applications
  • socialmedia
  • printed documents, bussiness cards, catalogues, brochures, booklets, flyers, up to 10,000 print runs
  • decotarive use at home or office (one print allowed)
  • in presentations (at conferences, meetings etc.)

The Standard License is non-sublicensable, non-transferable, worldwide, limited to 5 years.

Extended licence

This license allows you to use image as Standard Licence grants, plus as follows:
  • consumer products indended for resale - up to 5,000 pieces, max. 0.25 square meters (t-shirts and other clothing, mugs, gadgets, post cards and other merchandise)
  • posters, calendars, reproductions indended for resale - up to 10,000 print runs, max. 0.5 square meters
  • packaging and labels - up to 50,000 print runs
  • printed media, such as books, magazines, newspapers (up to 500,000 print runs, up to 1 full page, including cover)
  • promotional posters and post cards, up to 100,000 print runs
  • web-based advertising, including banners, marketing emails
  • billboards, transit ads, signage - up to 1,000 print runs, full area
  • website, presentation and other electronic templates intended for resale (one licence per one template)

The Extended License is non-sublicensable, non-transferable, worldwide, limited to 5 years.

Both licences can be non-exclusive or exclusive, depending on your needs.

Unlimited use

This type of license is exclusive and unlimited in every aspect.

Licensing fees

Standard License non-exclusive - 25€
Extended License non-exclusive - 200€
Standard License exclusive - 200€
Extended Licence exclisive - 900€
Unlimited use - 2500€

If you need other possibilities of use, just send me your enquire.
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