Pet portraits in a few steps

Recently I’ve made new video-slideshow showing time-lapse progress of drawing portraits. Some of them weren’t published before.

Maine coon calico kitten

Yesterday I’ve drawn this cat. It is also small size (20x25cm) like the last one, drawn on hahnemuehle velour paper, but this time it is more detailed. Breed of the cat is maine coon. And here is an animation showing progress in drawing…

White Neva masquerade

Small drawing of white cat (neva masquerade breed), that I’ve draw recently. Size 20x25cm I made this animation showing the process of drawing step by step – one photo every

Dog portrait – cocker spaniel

Last week I’ve painted next cocker spaniel portrait. This is also pastel on velour paper, but much bigger, ca. 35x45cm I’ve also made this time-lapse animation showing the process of painting from almost the beginning to the end. I used Canon compact camera, PowerShot series, with a CHDK software installed. Read more…