This is persian cat portrait which I’ve done for owner in US. It was quite challenging because often photos of white animals are very dark, this time I had incredibly dark, poor quality photo to work from, and it was taken against the light. This is additional difficulty. But finally Read more…

Blanc neva masquerade

Petit dessin de chat blanc (de race neva masquerade), que j’ai récemment dessiner. C’est pastel de taille de 20x25cm. C’est un animation montrant le processus de dessin, étape par étape, environ

Portrait de chat

  I’ve just finished the portrait of black-and-white cat. Here it is:   It measures 40 x 30 cm. Like always, the eyes needed much time to be perfect:)

Trois chats noirs

These three black cats, which I’ve recently painted with pastels, were sold on charity auction to support homeless cats. The first is on velour paper, last two on cotton rag paper. 24x32cm 20x20cm 21x30cm